Interviewing a Potential Realtor

Here’s the scenario: you want to sell your home, and even though you keep hearing about how it’s a „seller’s market,“ you also know that doesn’t guarantee a smooth sale, or that you’ll get top-dollar for your home.

So, you start to shop around for a real estate agent. Maybe you use your local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Maybe you ask your friends and family. Maybe a bus bench catches your eye (Gasp, guffaw, whisper whisper. More on this faux paus later).

You book an appointment with afformentioned fictitious realtor, and one of your friends tells you to Google a list of questions to ask them. After all, that Realtor probably doesn’t know about Google. They certainly wouldn’t look up that same list of questions, and they would never assume you’ve seen that list, and tailor their responses to suit it.


Wrong. Interviewing a realtor isn’t about you checking a box on a list of recommended to-dos. It’s about creating a relationship with a professional, and having the confidence that they will do the job correctly. There are a million-and-one different pieces to the puzzle that is a real estate transaction, and you should be confident that your realtor either knows how to put them together, or knows how to figure it out.

So, what should you ask? Here are some suggestions:

  1. „Tell me about the current market.“ Although generic, there is actually a lot to be learned from such a query. Listen carefully, and follow up on their response. If they say something general like „It’s a buyer’s market,“ ask them why. Ask how long that is expected to remain the case.
  2. „Is there a particular market in which you do most of your work?“ This is almost a trick question- but not quite. If you’re selling an urban loft, but this Realtor works mainly in residential single family homes, you needn’t necessarily disquality them. Many successful Realtors will tell you that their skills and abilities travel from area to area; their ability to articulate this will speak volumes about their professional capabilities. Take note.
  3. „What made you join your brokerage?“ Every brokerage is different. Some offer their agents a vast amount of flexibility in a number of ways; these are often popular amongst established agents. Some are somewhat more regimented, with identity standards and guide lines. Knowing exactly why your Realtor joined their brokerage will allow you some insight into their strengths, weaknesses and goals.
  4. „Do you use bus benches to market yourself?“ If so, run the other way.

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Source by Andy Asbury

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